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Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Seventeen Magazine issue out!

Hello! I am a subscriber to Seventeen Magazine, and the new April issue is out, so get it now!

This issue however, does not focus a lot on Fashion, but it focuses a lot on hair... It has about 6/7 issues about hair, and this is more than I ever though they would have.. However, they did not have much articles, about different styles on how to have your hair. (They have about 2 of these, in this one?) But they aren't as detailed...

Though, If you are into hair and such, I recommend for you to get this issue..
This magazine says that the current fashion is Bleached Denim, so go go go and show of your body in Bleached Denim.

COVER STAR: Nina Dobrev - Vampire Diaries
Freebies: Free lip gloss for you, if you show your Seventeen Cover at a NORDSTROM store..

& Also if you are into hair, the April Daily Freebies are all hair products... :)


Please follow or comment about what you think about this issue!

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