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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Forever 21 Opinions

Hi guys, few of my friends suggested that I post about Forever 21.
Basically just like I posted about Aeropostale, now Forever 21 is basically for like 12 +???

I researched about the ages for Forever 21 & here are some, if you are like a 12 year old, you can read this for advice if you should shop at Forever 21:

"Should a 12 year old shop at Forever 21?"

So I hope that helps out... Anyway Forever 21 has clothes for smaller but also plus sizes so anyone can go there, I do recommend that if you are under 12 that the clothes might look 'to mature' on you, so don't go there yet, until you are 12...

Anyway I must admit I've only been to Forever 21 once (the real store) and I was in a hurry, so I didn't buy anything and only went in there for like 5 seconds to see.... Anyhow, I have taken a look at their clothes online though:

& I think that they do have like trendy clothes, my style is definitely, Casual - Sporty - Girly, and I believe that most of Forever21's clothes are really really girly, but they also have some Casual clothes as well. (I don't want too much attention to my clothes...)

But if you are one of those people that don't want to spend too much cash on clothes, (I am like this too) always check the discounted clothes first.
If you shop online, they have a nice place for discounted clothes too, so check it out...

For the clothes that Forever 21 supply, I believe that they are actually really cheap, for the quality they are! So go go go on a shopping trip to Forever 21!

I will be posting a new post TODAY about cheap clothes that you can find online at the original website that are $10 and below, so check it out when I post it!


I hope this helped out with if you want to buy clothes at Forever 21!

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