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Sunday, March 28, 2010


All of these pictures are from Forever21.com!

Hi guys, how are you today?
So today I am posting about..
Things that fit in this category are:

In this post I'll be covering: Jewelry only..

Currently, I am in 'unusual' & Cute Jewelry..
I want to stand out with jewelry, but not too much.
Unusual jewelry, I describe by: cool, and something that people would
notice and go "That's so cool! Where'd you get it at?!"

An example of this 'Unusual Jewelry' is:

This is from Forever 21.com , & $3.80 so really cheap!
I believe this is unusual in a cool way, so I would definitely get this. :D

'Girly Jewelry' is what I am into too,
this could include dangly bracelets, or Rosy Rings or maybe Jewelry with heart-
shaped locks attached:

What I like about this, is how girly it is. It's a nice ring, that you can easily put on .

Second, this is very girly too.
It has a nice flowery touch, but also has random crystals attached.

So, hopefully this helped out with your jewelry finds, my favorite store is Forever 21,
but I heard that Charlotte Russe has great finds aswell.

Bye guys, have a great start to the week!


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