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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIRECTV Scholarship: The Explore More Scholarship

When it comes down to it, college is about exploring your world to find out who you are and what you want from life. Take that inspiration and write a 500 word blog post on how technology – be it TV or the Internet – helped you to explore your world. Share your post with us and you could win a $2,000 scholarship!

In today's society, TV or the Internet is always looked down upon because people believe both have corrupted children's minds, and have exposed them to adult concepts they are not yet ready for. However, for me, my experience has been quite positive, giving me access to sites and databases that allow me to learn, prosper, and help support my research projects. Growing up I was fortunate to have been able to own both a television and a computer. Last year was my Junior Year, and the general saying is true, Junior Year IS the hardest year of high school! I took many AP classes and I really struggled with my AP Chemistry class. The teacher was not up to my standards, and I felt like I was not learning anything! I started to even despise Chemistry and wondered if I should still become a Pharmacist (who have a lot of chemistry pre-requisites in college). However, I kept my head up high and as a result of many YouTube videos instructing me on basic Chemistry Topics I was able to prosper in the class, and finish with a high grade! Yes, YouTube is not just a website to watch silly cats and babies on, it actually can help you with your education; if used properly! This experience definitely changed my perspective on the world, and even though I questioned it many times, the internet has allowed me to be able to find out who I am, which is a future pharmacist! I was able to research what colleges would have Pre-Pharmacy Programs that would be right for me, and has allowed me to connect to current pharmacists attending those colleges. 
Additionally, I read the news daily on the internet. While many teenagers my age open up Facebook or Twitter the minute they go on the internet, I have found reading the news has been a much more life changing experience than seeing countless selfies posted on Facebook. One of the latest things I have read about is the Malaysian Plane Crash which killed 154 Dutch citizens. Even though I am Vietnamese by blood, my parents escaped from Vietnam during the war and went to the Netherlands, where I was born and grew up for ten years. I am now a seventeen year old American Citizen, but I definitely identify myself as Dutch. As a result, the disaster struck me really hard. It resulted in me searching more and more about the incident, trying to find out if I knew any of the deceased. And, it turned out I did. I knew three people who were on the airplane: Nguyen Ngoc Minh, and two of her children Dang Minh Chau and Dang Quoc Huy who were also of Vietnamese blood but escaped to the Netherlands. While I did not know them personally, they lived a few houses away in my street and I used to go to Vietnamese classes with the two kids. If it had not been for the internet or the news telling me about this incident, I would never have found out. When I moved here in the fifth grade I was quite depressed. I moved to a hispanic-dominant population and I was not accepted, was bullied, and made no friends. I am not bullied anymore now, but I used to always fear that I would be again, because I am currently in classes with people that used to bully me. It has made me uncomfortable being myself, and has made me not want to speak up in class. However, the crash has made me change my whole perspective. It reminds me that life IS short and that I could have been on that airplane instead of them. It makes me appreciate being able to be alive, and makes me want to let go of my past and not worry about having been bullied. It has made me want to be happy and enjoy my life on earth, and as a result, I have made a promise to myself to smile at strangers in everyday life. I know a smile is just a smile, but it could definitely brighten up someone’s day. Not only could it make the people who I am smiling at happy, but it could make myself happy too. Even though I always worry about silly little things that I should not worry about, smiling to strangers will help me realize that life is amazing and that I will be okay. The fact that Dang Minh Chau was my age makes me realize that if I were to die today, I would not be ready for it. I still have not yet explored the world, and I still have so many things I want to do but that I am afraid of doing. As a result, I now carry a positive attitude with me everywhere I go and try to live everyday like I am living my last day on earth. Now, I try to focus less on how I look or what my classmates think of me, instead, focusing on things that truly matter. I am motivated to work hard, and want to leave a positive lasting impact on earth. As could be seen, the internet and television have definitely made a positive impact on me, and now I live by the quote: "Live life to the fullest!" (which I found this quote a few years ago… on the INTERNET)! 

R.I.P may you find absolute peace and serenity in heaven.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Seventeen Magazine Out (.com) + Freebies + 21

Hi Guys! :) How are you all today?
In this blog post, I will be covering the new Seventeen Magazine out, and I will be discussing freebies that can be found on their website + inside of their magazine. Also I will be discussing Forever 21 freebies...

To start off, the new S.M has Shaileene Woodley (Secret Life...) on the cover, she looks great on it! Anyway in there, they have a feature that if you show the cover of S.M at ANY Aeropostale store, you get a free shirt... I was going to do this, but I haven't gone yet, and I think they are already out of stock. :(

Anyway this S.M is the freebies Magazine, and it has tons of freebies in it, that you can enter on Seventeen.com, however most of them require a code word, so if you need any, just comment below, and I'll give it to you.... ;)

Also in this Magazine, There's an Aerpostale magazine for $10 off if you buy $50. ;)

Forever 21 as well has coupons & such now and then... So to get offers and deals, enter their mailing list at Forever21.com

Have a great weekend, go on a shopping splurge!


Sunday, March 28, 2010


All of these pictures are from Forever21.com!

Hi guys, how are you today?
So today I am posting about..
Things that fit in this category are:

In this post I'll be covering: Jewelry only..

Currently, I am in 'unusual' & Cute Jewelry..
I want to stand out with jewelry, but not too much.
Unusual jewelry, I describe by: cool, and something that people would
notice and go "That's so cool! Where'd you get it at?!"

An example of this 'Unusual Jewelry' is:

This is from Forever 21.com , & $3.80 so really cheap!
I believe this is unusual in a cool way, so I would definitely get this. :D

'Girly Jewelry' is what I am into too,
this could include dangly bracelets, or Rosy Rings or maybe Jewelry with heart-
shaped locks attached:

What I like about this, is how girly it is. It's a nice ring, that you can easily put on .

Second, this is very girly too.
It has a nice flowery touch, but also has random crystals attached.

So, hopefully this helped out with your jewelry finds, my favorite store is Forever 21,
but I heard that Charlotte Russe has great finds aswell.

Bye guys, have a great start to the week!


Mini Forever 21 Haul

Hi guys.
Today I only had like 5 minutes to check into Forever 21 really quick, so I quickly dashed in.
I confess, this is my second time being in there, and the first time I was in there for only 10 seconds too. Anyway, today I accidently ripped my belt (but not in that WAY!) I basically rushed it on too fast.. And blah blah blah. Anyhow, there the belts were all twisted up, so didn't have time for that.

But then behind that I noticed these cute headbands, so what I got was:

- 1 Polka dot Headband, with bow attached (so cute)

- 1 Necklace with cross

& That's all, (Only had 5 minutes)

Then I spend $9 and something.
Tax was $0.75

Next time, I'm going to go there, and actually look at the clothes, haha.
I was looking at retailmenot for any printable coupons, but no good luck..

I was also searching on wikianswers, and somehow they saw that Forever 21's clothes are out of poor quality, is that true?
They also say that their clothes are cheap, but not all of them are.... >.<

Bye guys, enjoy the weekend!
The weekend = Time to go shop!
Go check out Forever 21, my first instinct when I came in was "WOW, WHAT A LOT OF COLOR!"
My spring tip was: Clothes with lots of color, so this fullfills it!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Online Shopping Clothes under $10!

Hi guys, so If you are like me, you want to be able to buy 'cheap' clothes, so this post will be perfect for you if you buy online. I will supply a brief description / tittle that will describe what is so good about this shirt + I will add the link of it & the price of course...... Not to forget I will rate it 1 - 10 for the quality and price of it.
So if you want to buy and display it click on the link and you can just purchase it.

The stores that you can get these clothes from:


T-Shirts / vests / Clothes for your upper body:

PRODUCT NAME: Grand Canyon Knit Top
Description: A Casual shirt with a small word / text decoration for a bit more color
Price: $7
Rate: 7 because even though it's really casual, it's average but it has a nice price though.

PRODUCT NAME: Dimension Striped Top
Description: Another casual top, that is really cheap though, and easy to match.
It'll look great with a skinny tank top underneath (because this is a short model) + with skinny jeans.
Price: $7
Rate: 8 great buy, great price. Would definitely buy this.

PRODUCT NAME: Scarf Sweater Cardigan
Description: A great fast to put on Cardigan for the summer
Price: $9
Rate: 9, I would definitely wear this for the summer. <3


PRODUCT NAME: Metallic Dusted Knit Shirt
Description: A great easy skirt, for a girly but glossy look
Price: $7
Rate: 8, Definitely would wear this with plain white v-necks, etc.


T-Shirts / vests / Clothes for your upper body:

PRODUCTNAME: Crinkle Belted Tunic
Description: A great shirt wearable as a dress or a shirt.
Price: $8
Rate: 8 great to wear.

I found a page where they display all $10 tops, so go here:

Hope this helped you guys out,
much love!


Forever 21 Opinions

Hi guys, few of my friends suggested that I post about Forever 21.
Basically just like I posted about Aeropostale, now Forever 21 is basically for like 12 +???

I researched about the ages for Forever 21 & here are some, if you are like a 12 year old, you can read this for advice if you should shop at Forever 21:

"Should a 12 year old shop at Forever 21?"

So I hope that helps out... Anyway Forever 21 has clothes for smaller but also plus sizes so anyone can go there, I do recommend that if you are under 12 that the clothes might look 'to mature' on you, so don't go there yet, until you are 12...

Anyway I must admit I've only been to Forever 21 once (the real store) and I was in a hurry, so I didn't buy anything and only went in there for like 5 seconds to see.... Anyhow, I have taken a look at their clothes online though:

& I think that they do have like trendy clothes, my style is definitely, Casual - Sporty - Girly, and I believe that most of Forever21's clothes are really really girly, but they also have some Casual clothes as well. (I don't want too much attention to my clothes...)

But if you are one of those people that don't want to spend too much cash on clothes, (I am like this too) always check the discounted clothes first.
If you shop online, they have a nice place for discounted clothes too, so check it out...

For the clothes that Forever 21 supply, I believe that they are actually really cheap, for the quality they are! So go go go on a shopping trip to Forever 21!

I will be posting a new post TODAY about cheap clothes that you can find online at the original website that are $10 and below, so check it out when I post it!


I hope this helped out with if you want to buy clothes at Forever 21!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aeropostale Store Opions

Hi guys! Today I decided to post what I think about the Aeropostale store...
I wear girly/sporty clothes, but anyhow, I sometimes go to Aeropostale to buy sweaters and shirts... However, some say that it's a cheap store, and it may be, but you just have to be able to know what is made out of poor quality or what not...

But every time I go there, there is only one thing out of quality - The Jeans! I believe the jeans are really
cheaply made, so if you go there don't buy these..

However, if you ever go there the shirts are pretty good quality, though if some things might still be to expensive for you, go to the discount rack, when I went here I got a really good-quality skirt for $3! Yes $3! And when I found this skirt on the internet they sell it for $35 Good deal, huh??

Anyway this season they made a new line, which I am very happy about! Because these spring items are way more like happier & girlier than usual, and give a nice beachy tropical feel!

Here are some of them:
The tropic new shirts:



The girlier shirts:


COMMENT: I love these tops! They are so girly, but I love peasant tops because they cinch in your hips!

Do you like Aeropostale? Do you like the new line? Post below!