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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Online Shopping Clothes under $10!

Hi guys, so If you are like me, you want to be able to buy 'cheap' clothes, so this post will be perfect for you if you buy online. I will supply a brief description / tittle that will describe what is so good about this shirt + I will add the link of it & the price of course...... Not to forget I will rate it 1 - 10 for the quality and price of it.
So if you want to buy and display it click on the link and you can just purchase it.

The stores that you can get these clothes from:


T-Shirts / vests / Clothes for your upper body:

PRODUCT NAME: Grand Canyon Knit Top
Description: A Casual shirt with a small word / text decoration for a bit more color
Price: $7
Rate: 7 because even though it's really casual, it's average but it has a nice price though.

PRODUCT NAME: Dimension Striped Top
Description: Another casual top, that is really cheap though, and easy to match.
It'll look great with a skinny tank top underneath (because this is a short model) + with skinny jeans.
Price: $7
Rate: 8 great buy, great price. Would definitely buy this.

PRODUCT NAME: Scarf Sweater Cardigan
Description: A great fast to put on Cardigan for the summer
Price: $9
Rate: 9, I would definitely wear this for the summer. <3


PRODUCT NAME: Metallic Dusted Knit Shirt
Description: A great easy skirt, for a girly but glossy look
Price: $7
Rate: 8, Definitely would wear this with plain white v-necks, etc.


T-Shirts / vests / Clothes for your upper body:

PRODUCTNAME: Crinkle Belted Tunic
Description: A great shirt wearable as a dress or a shirt.
Price: $8
Rate: 8 great to wear.

I found a page where they display all $10 tops, so go here:

Hope this helped you guys out,
much love!



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