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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Skinny Jeans

Hi guys!
I think it's time now, to go on about JEANS.
In the recent year, a new fashion has been going on...

I don't know why, I don't know how, but, it's just like that...
People all over the country (Europe for example)
Have gone from this:

(Wide Legged Jeans)


Skin Tight Jeans!

So, what do you think about Skinny Jeans?
Like, or dislike?
Post in a comment below!!!

Skinny Jean, Personal Story:
Okay, so anyway, here's a story that happened to me.
I pick up my brother sometimes from school, and I'd always see this guy maybe 17 year aged? Walking home along the way.... (This happened 2 years ago)
He would always have soggy jeans not even on his waist, but what I would always notice is, his skinny jeans! He was the first person I'd ever personally saw in Skinny Jeans.
Because I see him so much when I pick up my brother, I started calling him "Skinny Legs"
Before, I actually never thought about seeing myself in skinny jeans, but...
My opinions have changed from then. :)

Personal Response:
I self, do like Skinny jeans.
People keep telling me I have skinny legs, though I don't agree...
It is true though, that when I am in wide legged jeans, it makes me feel uncomfortable...
It feels like there's a big hole, on the bottom of my feet, and it feels 'chilly'.
Not only that, but my legs grow really fast, so if I were not to get a new pair of jeans in one year, at about the end of the year, the jeans would be super wide, now maybe almost halfway to my knees, and believe me, this looks ridiculous.

Friends Response:
I have a few friends, who I asked what they think about Skinny Jeans...
Maybe you agree on some??

"I do like Skinny Jeans, but I think they are too skinny, and I can't breathe...."

"I think Skinny Jeans are too skinny, because I don't fit in them."

"Skinny jeans make you look like you are emo, and I don't want to make it look like that"

"Skinny jeans are just AWESOME. And show of my skinny legs! (woohoo!)"

So, the summary is:
Skinny Jeans, are a major fashion range, that a lot of people wear.
It has some good and bad points,
but I personally recommend you to try them on. :)
And buy, possibly...

My next blog entry will be about what stores offer super skin tight jeans, for cheap....
(Some stores sell Skinny jeans, that are 'faked' skinny... Which means, they aren't really skinny at all, but they say they are on the internet...) :D


Fall Favorite Shoes

So, to start of with Fashions for Fall, here is what is really in for Fall, in the category shoes:


Why, you ask?
Boots are a good addition to any outfit, they can be added to skirts/dresses and jeans!
When it's super cold out, boots will absorb heat, onto your feet, so you won't be cold!
Last but not least, boots are super cute, and STYLISH. :)

Sample of boot:

Source: Jcpenney, Juniors shoes, $ 45 dollars. :)

These are a trendy addition, as you can see, and don't go for too much money!

I prefer the color: Grey, for boots, or black, because this color matches into any outfit.

If you decide to give boots a try, make sure to not buy boots to expensive, if the boot is worth more than 50 dollars, it actually means that this boot is too expensive, and you can get more stylish boots in other stores, for a way cheaper price..

So, make sure to go Safe Boot Shopping!


Special note to you guys:
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I will shut down this blog, and abandon it.
Sorry guys, but I can't write a blog that doesn't get any readers.
If you are a follower, and love this blog, and think your friends would find it helpful too...
Please invite them to join in the team. :)

Thanks guys, really appreciated..

Teen Must Go To Stores

Here are a list of stores, that are a MUST GO TO store for Teens. :)
If there are any I left out, please comment.
And show your support by following... :)

- Aeropostale (my fave)
- Hollister
- Hot Topic *If you like the rocker type*
- Forever 21
- Abercrombie & Finch
- American Eagle
- Pac Sun
- Wet Seal

There are also stores, that have a few items that you might like, considered for teens:
- Jcpenney
- Walmart
- Target


Hi Guys

Hi Everyone! :)
My name is Elisa, and I made this site, to give you guys tips on Fashion, and more.
Consider it your Fashionista Guide! Just for teens. :)
My upcoming blogs will be about, what is in, during fall, and much more! :)

Hope you guys will like this blog!
Bookmark it, just in case you might forget the site. :)

Bye! Thanks for stopping by.

xxx Elisa (blog owner)