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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Seventeen Magazine Out (.com) + Freebies + 21

Hi Guys! :) How are you all today?
In this blog post, I will be covering the new Seventeen Magazine out, and I will be discussing freebies that can be found on their website + inside of their magazine. Also I will be discussing Forever 21 freebies...

To start off, the new S.M has Shaileene Woodley (Secret Life...) on the cover, she looks great on it! Anyway in there, they have a feature that if you show the cover of S.M at ANY Aeropostale store, you get a free shirt... I was going to do this, but I haven't gone yet, and I think they are already out of stock. :(

Anyway this S.M is the freebies Magazine, and it has tons of freebies in it, that you can enter on Seventeen.com, however most of them require a code word, so if you need any, just comment below, and I'll give it to you.... ;)

Also in this Magazine, There's an Aerpostale magazine for $10 off if you buy $50. ;)

Forever 21 as well has coupons & such now and then... So to get offers and deals, enter their mailing list at Forever21.com

Have a great weekend, go on a shopping splurge!