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Saturday, March 13, 2010

In for spring: Happy Colors

Hey guys, it's me with your newest fashion update.
Anyhow, what I believe is truly in for spring, is...


This basically means bright, happy colors... Spring is totally not about dark colors: (Black, grey, brown)
Another thing in is of course: Florals!

Happy colors can be spread into any outfit: But remember, too many happy colors will be ovewhelming!
For example: You can wear a white (dark color) tee, with a orange (happy) color skirt, with for example light blue (happy) color flip-flops, with for example white 'n' black (dark) color jewelry...

So you have 2 dark colors, and 2 happy's... Just to not make it overwhelming... <3
Wearing too many of happy colors will be so bright that people might not be able to look at you!

If you have braces (yes fashionable people have braces too, like me...) Change it up! If you can change colors, go for bright colors: Bright purple / orange / red/ blue / green, and skip the dark colors!
Currently I chose yellow braces!

Florals can also be distributed into any outfit! But again using too many of them is too overwhelming!
For example:
Wear a floral shirt + grey skinny jeans + floral jewelry bangle, and black vans sneakers....

2 florals + 2 neutrals... :D

Floral shirt + floral skirt + floral jewelry + floral shoes!

Good stores for these examples:
Bright colors:

Colorful shorts


Scoop neck tees (BTW skip the black one!)

Forever 21


Floral dress


Floral Garden Tunic (Can be worn as a shirt or as a dress!)

Hope this helped you guys out!
So go go go on a haul!


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