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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The best stores for your Skinny Jean Selection

Hey guys. I know that I still haven't gotten really any followers, but I thought who cares? If no one reads this, then this will be an guide for me. Like when I need some help myself, I can check out my own blog posts? Yeah... Lame???

Anyway, to get on with this post... I will be posting a list of stores with the best variety of Skinny Jeans & ... NOT.

Good list
Bad List
The jeans I own
Links to the skinny jean itself.

- I personally believe that 'PACSUN' has the best variety of Skinny Jeans
(the line is named Bullhead)
Although I do not own one, I still believe they seem the same by appearance.
They make about the skinniest jeans ever, but there is one sad point...
They are SUPER expensive, yes, I believe that $50 is a lot for one pair of jeans..
So sadly, I can't buy them....

- Second, I think Forever 21 has a good variety of skinny jeans, although I again do not buy them here.
Forever 21 has them a bit cheaper than Pacsun, and offer very skin-tight jeans aswell.

- Third, Macy's has a nice variety too. I was planning on buying a grey-colored jean there, but sadly when fitting it wasn't as skinny anymore.
In conclusion, Macy's has nice skinny jeans & some fake skinny jeans (not a lot though..)
There is a sad thing though, their site macys.com has a big variety, but the store
does not..

- Fourth, I believe Ross has a small variety of skinny jeans, although the ones that they do own are VERY cheap, and are actually really skinny. Please read on to read where I bought all the skinny jeans I own.

- Fifth, Hot Topic has a big variety of skinny jeans, colored or not colored they own a lot!
But if you are not into the ripped, soggy, low type of jeans, do not buy the jeans here.
They are very skinny, but these are really expensive aswell.

These stores I believe call their jeans 'skinny' when they are NOT.

- JcPenney: Most of their Skinny Jeans are made by 'CityStreets', and let me tell you.. DO NOT BUY THEM.
These jeans are labelled 'skin tight skinny jeans', when they are not... These jeans are really wide on me...
I actually bought a pair of Black Skinny Jeans, and they weren't as tight as I wanted... So then later I decided to give them another try, and bought a Grey type of jean, which wasn't as tight either.
There is though, one good thing about these jeans they only cost $13 (or less.)
So if you want a cheap and Fake Skinny Jean, type of jean (Iol), buy these. <3 deptid="50455&CatID=" grptyp="PRD&ItemID=" attrtype="&attrvalue=" cmid="50455|50460&Fltr=" srt="&QL=" ind="13&cmVirtualCat=" cmcatid="50455|50460|51762">