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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aeropostale Store Opions

Hi guys! Today I decided to post what I think about the Aeropostale store...
I wear girly/sporty clothes, but anyhow, I sometimes go to Aeropostale to buy sweaters and shirts... However, some say that it's a cheap store, and it may be, but you just have to be able to know what is made out of poor quality or what not...

But every time I go there, there is only one thing out of quality - The Jeans! I believe the jeans are really
cheaply made, so if you go there don't buy these..

However, if you ever go there the shirts are pretty good quality, though if some things might still be to expensive for you, go to the discount rack, when I went here I got a really good-quality skirt for $3! Yes $3! And when I found this skirt on the internet they sell it for $35 Good deal, huh??

Anyway this season they made a new line, which I am very happy about! Because these spring items are way more like happier & girlier than usual, and give a nice beachy tropical feel!

Here are some of them:
The tropic new shirts:



The girlier shirts:


COMMENT: I love these tops! They are so girly, but I love peasant tops because they cinch in your hips!

Do you like Aeropostale? Do you like the new line? Post below!

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