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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mini Forever 21 Haul

Hi guys.
Today I only had like 5 minutes to check into Forever 21 really quick, so I quickly dashed in.
I confess, this is my second time being in there, and the first time I was in there for only 10 seconds too. Anyway, today I accidently ripped my belt (but not in that WAY!) I basically rushed it on too fast.. And blah blah blah. Anyhow, there the belts were all twisted up, so didn't have time for that.

But then behind that I noticed these cute headbands, so what I got was:

- 1 Polka dot Headband, with bow attached (so cute)

- 1 Necklace with cross

& That's all, (Only had 5 minutes)

Then I spend $9 and something.
Tax was $0.75

Next time, I'm going to go there, and actually look at the clothes, haha.
I was looking at retailmenot for any printable coupons, but no good luck..

I was also searching on wikianswers, and somehow they saw that Forever 21's clothes are out of poor quality, is that true?
They also say that their clothes are cheap, but not all of them are.... >.<

Bye guys, enjoy the weekend!
The weekend = Time to go shop!
Go check out Forever 21, my first instinct when I came in was "WOW, WHAT A LOT OF COLOR!"
My spring tip was: Clothes with lots of color, so this fullfills it!


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