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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fall Favorite Shoes

So, to start of with Fashions for Fall, here is what is really in for Fall, in the category shoes:


Why, you ask?
Boots are a good addition to any outfit, they can be added to skirts/dresses and jeans!
When it's super cold out, boots will absorb heat, onto your feet, so you won't be cold!
Last but not least, boots are super cute, and STYLISH. :)

Sample of boot:

Source: Jcpenney, Juniors shoes, $ 45 dollars. :)

These are a trendy addition, as you can see, and don't go for too much money!

I prefer the color: Grey, for boots, or black, because this color matches into any outfit.

If you decide to give boots a try, make sure to not buy boots to expensive, if the boot is worth more than 50 dollars, it actually means that this boot is too expensive, and you can get more stylish boots in other stores, for a way cheaper price..

So, make sure to go Safe Boot Shopping!


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